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Andrea Urbano



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Andrea Urbano

Andrea was raised in Woodbridge, attended Beecher Road School, and graduated from Amity High School.  She earned a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Conservation and Political Science from the University of New Hampshire, and a Master of Science in Carbon Forestry from the University of Vermont.  Andrea returned to her home state and town and has the privilege of raising her two kids in Woodbridge.

Andrea is a professional public servant for Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s Forestry Division.  As a supervisor, she manages staff, establishes and maintains stakeholder partnerships, and implements federal programs at the state level.  She develops and implements statewide programs that support Connecticut taxpayers and promote the health, function, resilience, and stewardship of the State’s private and municipal forest lands and natural resources.

As a resident and volunteer, Andrea applies her published research, education, leadership, advocacy, and public service skills as she strives to enhance Woodbridge’s community.  Alongside others, Andrea successfully spent years advocating for the creation of Woodbridge’s Agriculture Commission.  She is a founding member of our Agriculture Commission and serves as its Vice Chair.  She is also a Board Member of the Woodbridge Parks Association.  Andrea’s engagement in the Woodbridge community began decades ago, as a Woodbridge Youth Services volunteer and advocate for Massaro Community Farm.  She served as an early member of the Massaro Community Farm’s Education Committee, where she was instrumental in establishing the educational hiking trail still used for Massaro Farm programs today.

She now spends her free time with her family operating their small farm, Sperry Falls Farm.  It is a great source of pride for Andrea to provide her community with access to locally grown organic fruits, produce, and specialty products.

Woodbridge is long overdue for sound leadership and drivers of thoughtful and intentional change.  To meet this need, Andrea is running to serve on the Board of Selectmen.  She has the skills, motivation, and experience necessary to promote strategic planning and data-driven, taxpayer-based decision making.

As an Unaffiliated voter, she stands for good government, not partisan politics.  Andrea feels strongly that our local government needs to restore transparent, nonpartisan decision making for the benefit of the Town and for the benefit of you.  Andrea will advocate for a budget referendum and an elected Board of Finance.  She will work to minimize ad-hoc committees and to strengthen the productivity of Town Commissions.

Andrea has been a longstanding advocate for protecting Woodbridge’s historic and rural integrity while addressing modern-day needs.  She knows housing on town-owned land is not required by state law.  It is environmentally irresponsible and would only exacerbate Woodbridge’s fiscal challenges.  The Town needs to stop pursuing housing development on the former Country Club of Woodbridge (CCW) and instead must effectively analyze the alternatives offered by residents.  Andrea will fight to proactively vet all these ideas and will do the hard work of engaging constituents to forge consensus on the former CCW’s future.

It would be Andrea’s honor to address protracted issues and the enduring needs of Woodbridge and its taxpayers as a member of the Board of Selectmen.