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Candidate Biography

Lynn Piascyk


Woodbridge Board of Education

Party Affiliation:
Lynn Piascyk

Lynn Piascyk was first elected to the Woodbridge Board of Education in 2015 after retiring from teaching at Beecher Road School in 2014.  She was elected Vice Chair of Woodbridge Board of Education (“WBOE”) in 2019 and Chair of WBOE in 2020.  She is a graduate of Beecher Road School (“BRS”) and Amity High School.  During her 36-year tenure as a teacher at BRS, she was presented the Award of Excellence for Distinguished Service and was the district’s 1993 Teacher of the Year.  A resident of Woodbridge since 1964, Lynn also serves as a Justice of the Peace and is on the Board of Directors for the Amity and Woodbridge Historical Society.  She holds a B.S., M.S., and Sixth Year Professional Degree of Advanced Study as a Classroom Teacher Specialist.  As Chair of the WBOE, Lynn takes an active role serving as an Ex-Officio member on all Board sub-committees.  Lynn has also served the Town on the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Human Services Commission, serving as Secretary for four years.

“Woodbridge has always been well known for its excellent education system.  As a member of the Woodbridge Board of Education since 2015 and chair of the Board since 2020, I have helped to move the district forward during challenging times that included the pandemic and multiple administrative changes.  Woodbridge needs strong leadership, and I have a proven track record of leadership in our schools.  My life experiences as an elementary educator, historical knowledge of the district, and skill base allow me to bring a unique perspective to the Woodbridge Board of Education.  It is always my priority to assure that the school remains in the forefront of educational excellence.  We must never forget that the future lies with today’s children.”