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Maria Madonick



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Maria Madonick

“I believe economic development and the growth of our tax base is the most pressing issue in Woodbridge. We have a beautiful community and need to find a way to continue to provide robust education, recreation, and police and fire services to our growing community.”

Maria Madonick has been a prominent and active member of our community since 2015. Her unwavering commitment to public service, her extensive educational background, and her experience in the healthcare sector make her an exemplary candidate for the Woodbridge Board of Selectmen. With a wealth of accomplishments and a deep-seated passion for making a difference, Maria is well-prepared to contribute significantly to the town she has come to love.

Maria's journey in Woodbridge began when she and her husband, Michael, decided to settle in this welcoming and vibrant community, raising their four children here. Like many of their fellow residents, they were drawn to Woodbridge for its central location, beautiful trails, and open spaces, along with its exceptional educational districts. The desire to give back to their new hometown was instilled in Maria from an early age by her grandparents and parents, who emphasized the importance of public service and community involvement through their own actions and contributions.

After serving on the executive board of the Beecher PTO and her involvement as a MAG parent in 2021, Maria decided to take her commitment to community service a step further by running for the Woodbridge Board of Education. Her experience and leadership within the board have been instrumental in steering the district towards a path of continuous improvement. She currently serves as the Vice Chair of the Board and takes the lead on several important committees, including the Chair of the Ad Hoc Enrollment, Instructional Use, and Space Planning Committee, Chair of the Policy Committee, and a member of the Finance Committee. Her extensive experience as an educator, nurse, and healthcare professional has proven invaluable in these roles.

Maria is deeply proud of the accomplishments of the Woodbridge Board of Education over the last two years, recognizing that there is still much work to be done to ensure that the district continues to grow and flourish.

Maria has made significant contributions in the healthcare sector as well, working as an Advanced Practice Nurse with Yale New Haven Health (YNHH). During her time at YNHH, Maria was actively engaged in clinical practice, system operations, and quality improvement initiatives. In addition to her clinical work, Maria serves as a clinical educator for Fairfield University and the YNHH School of Nurse Anesthesia. Her dedication to education and the development of future healthcare professionals has been influential in shaping the future of healthcare in the region.

Beyond her healthcare career, Maria is also a founding partner of Modern Anesthesia Care Solutions, PLLC. This venture reflects her entrepreneurial spirit and her drive to bring innovative solutions to the healthcare industry. It is a testament to her ability to lead and create positive change in various professional settings.

With her multifaceted background as a nurse, educator, healthcare professional, and community leader, Maria Federico Madonick brings a diverse and holistic perspective to the Woodbridge Board of Selectmen. Her unique experiences and skills are a testament to her commitment to improving the lives of Woodbridge residents and ensuring that the town continues to be a thriving and inclusive community.

Her involvement in the Woodbridge Board of Education, her leadership on several important committees, and her professional accomplishments make her a compelling candidate for the Woodbridge Board of Selectmen. As a nurse, educator, and dedicated parent, Maria is well-equipped to contribute to the betterment of Woodbridge and continue to strengthen the bonds that hold this community together. Her commitment to public service and her passion for education will undoubtedly make a significant impact on the future of our town.