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Candidate Biography

Sudhir Karunakaran


Amity Board of Education

Party Affiliation:
Sudhir Karunakaran

Dr. Sudhir Karunakaran, known as K. Sudhir, has been a member of the Amity Board of Education since 2021. Sudhir has resided in Woodbridge with his wife, Sumithra, since 2002. They are proud parents of two daughters, one an Amity graduate and the other currently attending Beecher.

As a chaired professor of marketing and economics at Yale, Sudhir brings a unique blend of personal commitment, management expertise, and a strong service mindset to our community. He passionately advocates for excellence within Amity schools and is committed to nurturing a thriving educational environment for all students, regardless of their backgrounds, to reach their full potential.

Sudhir's extensive experience as a management professor and consultant for Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations has been invaluable during his service on the Amity Board. He has been an active member of the Amity Finance Committee and also served as an ad-hoc member of the communications committee. Sudhir adopts a fact-based, data-driven decision-making philosophy in assessing critical aspects of the school district, including budget management and school performance.

Sudhir believes in fostering transparency and clear communication with town citizens. Recognizing the importance of informed citizenry in decision-making, he has taken proactive steps to make complex issues accessible to the public. Through many articles published in our local town newspapers, Sudhir has successfully clarified misunderstandings on important topics such as the budget surplus, student enrollments, inclusion initiatives, and school performance. His goal is to ensure that the decision-making process remains grounded in objective data rather than being swayed solely by emotion.

Sudhir's vision is clear—to advance the educational excellence of Amity schools. With his experience and dedication, he is well-equipped to empower students, support educators, and uphold the longstanding tradition of excellence that our schools represent in Woodbridge. Sudhir hopes to continue to enjoy the support of our community in achieving these shared goals.