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Beecher Invites Community Leaders to Share the Love of Books

March 21, 2024
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Beecher Invites Community Leaders to Share the Love of Books
Anthony Billings, IT Manager at the Woodbridge School District, shared the joy of reading with second graders.

Readers of all ages connected over their love of books at Beecher Road School on March 6, when community members visited classrooms to share stories together.

The occasion was Read Across America Day, an annual event celebrated at the school, and dedicated to “promoting the joy of reading and fostering a love for literature,” as Principal Analisa Sherman said in her invitation. Some 25 community readers responded to the invitation, including First Selectman Mica Cardozo, Police Chief Frank Cappiello, and other Town Hall employees; also a group of  Amity students who are part of the Teen Teaching Club; and Board of Education members.

Assistant Principal Cheryl Tafel read a book in Cheri Guerra's fifth grade.

“Reading is fun,” agreed one fifth-grade student when I visited together with Assistant Principal Cheryl Tafel.  Ms. Tafel read a story called “Wounded Falcons,” which told the story of a young boy who finds connection and happiness by caring for a wounded bird.

“In every story you read there is always a lesson,” she said, as they were trying to figure out the lesson in this story.

Cheri Guerra’s fifth grade students were well-read. Many of them were open to share their favorite reads,  including historical fiction such as “The War that Saved my Life,” by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley; and dragon fantasy novels such as the “Wings of Fire” and other series.

Mary Vincitorio's second grade class noted their favorite books.

In Mary Vincitorio’s second grade, students said they enjoyed reading not only in school but also during their free time. While books may impart information, they can also be entertaining.

“Some make you smart, some make you laugh,” one student said.

When asked where they get their stories from, their thoughts turned to real life. Stories tell us what happened in the past, explained one. And another added, "you get stories when people get together and do things together."

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