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BU Expands Woodbridge Novelist’s Literary Collection

June 22, 2023
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BU Expands Woodbridge Novelist’s Literary Collection
Russ Madison

Boston University began collecting Woodbridge author Russ Madison’s books and manuscripts over the past four decades.  The Mugar Memorial Library’s Special Collections Division, devoted to archival preservation of literary works by global writers and artists, was attracted to Madison upon the publication of his first novel, “Victory Among the Insane,” from Grove Press.  The book received national critical acclaim and proceeded to outsell all previous Grove first novels.

Over the years Madison has produced a number of novels and poetry.  He recently won the national Ruth Stone Poetry Prize from the Vermont College of Fine Arts, and has been awarded a fellowship in residency at the Provincetown Creative Arts Work Center.  The latter was awarded to complete a long forty- year project “City in the Sky”, a fantasy biography of the late novelist Norman Mailer.

Currently he is completing four new novels, mostly written on rolls of paper towels, scrolled through electric typewriters, a personal writing process he has chosen to undertake for decades.  Some of the rolls are part of his Boston University Collection.  The new, expanded additions at BU include years of correspondence with the late, former poet laureate, Donald Hall of Hamden, and the deceased Norman Mailer.

Madison continues to produce creative campaigns for clients, along with his Art Director wife Gi, at their Lone Wolf Advertising office in Woodbridge.

Some of his books may be available at the Woodbridge Library, or can be accessed, both new and used, on or similar search engines.

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