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“Domestic Space” Exhibition by Doron Wolf at BEKI Galleries

July 3, 2024
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A painting of a cozy room with a dog on a couch, air conditioner, and window.
“Behind the sheds” by Doron Wolf

Paintings—and a selection of landscape etchings— by Hamden artist Doron Wolf are on view in the Beth El – Keser Israel [BEKI] galleries this summer.

Some paintings pay homage to works found in art books or magazines; others use effects of lighting and motifs reminiscent of the old masters from the Renaissance onward, but drawn from contemporary life. Cell phones and computer screens perform functions that windows once performed for Rembrandt van Rijn and Vermeer, and sometimes mirrors perform the same function they had in the works of Diego Velasquez and Jan van Eyck.

To arrange to view the exhibit, call the BEKI office at (203) 389-2108 x114 or email


BEKI is located at 85 Harrison Street (corner of Whalley Avenue - Route 63 - in Westville)

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