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Giving Thanks and Getting to Work

November 16, 2023
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Giving Thanks and Getting to Work

The Thanksgiving holiday is a time to come together to acknowledge and celebrate all that is good in our lives.  I had that feeling of gratitude as I and so many others said hello to our friends and neighbors on both sides of the aisle who came out to vote in our first-ever November municipal election this year.  That feeling of thankfulness was magnified when I learned that our Town was among a handful of communities in Connecticut reporting voter turnout above 50%, and for Woodbridge, the highest turnout for a municipal election in recent memory.

As the Chair of the Woodbridge Democratic Town Committee, I am especially grateful for the overwhelming support that our community expressed at the ballot box for our next First Selectman, Mica Cardozo, and for the entire slate of Democratic candidates.  I also congratulate the Republican candidates who will be continuing in their current roles or taking on new roles this January, and I thank all candidates who gave of their time and energy to run for office this year.   Woodbridge has functioned best when we all work together, and we look forward to sharing ideas on how to ensure the best possible future for our community.

There will be a lot to do.  During the campaign, Mica outlined an ambitious agenda for supporting educational excellence, addressing the tax burden on homeowners, supporting our seniors, and implementing a sensible, consensus approach to “solving” the country club.  We can count on Mica to explore every idea and opportunity, and he can count on the Democratic Town Committee to support him in every way we can.

Mica will come on board with a strong team already in place in Town Hall and across our community.   The Woodbridge Democratic Town Committee is grateful for everyone in Woodbridge—the educators, police and firefighters, registrars and clerks, recreation, human services and facilities staff, and many others—who work each and every day to ensure that our Town continues to be the special place it is for everyone who lives here.

I also want to express our gratitude to our outgoing First Selectman, and my friend, Beth Heller.  For the past six years, Beth has led Woodbridge through a once-in-a-century pandemic and the day-to-day operations of a dynamic community full of engaged people who care a lot about our town.  Under Beth’s watch, Woodbridge Like Me Day was launched, bringing us together to appreciate and celebrate what makes Woodbridge unique.

In the time that Beth has served as First Selectman, school enrollment has increased, homebuilding has accelerated, and our Town has become more diverse across all measures.  All of these indicators point to Woodbridge’s potential to continue to grow and thrive in ways that benefit everyone, while preserving the distinctive character of our community.

There is much we can do to support Mica and his team, and I invite all of you interested in becoming more engaged in our community to please contact the Woodbridge Democratic Town Committee.   There are numerous ways to become involved that include:  staying informed with updated information, joining in our monthly meetings, exploring opportunities for serving on local Boards and Commissions, and more.  I am grateful for your support and interest, and I know that together, with Mica’s leadership, we will ensure a strong future for Woodbridge!

If you are interested in learning more about the Woodbridge Democratic Town Committee, please be in touch with us by email at: or visit our website:

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