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Irene Stahl Donates Whispering Pines Preserve to the Bethany Land Trust

February 14, 2023
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Irene Stahl Donates Whispering Pines Preserve to the Bethany Land Trust
Left to right: Irene Stahl and Linda Francois

The Land Trust is pleased and grateful to receive a donation of 49 acres of woodlands, streams and historic features that has been lovingly tended by the late Carlton Stahl and his wife, Irene Stahl. The 49 acres abut two Land Trust parcels along Briar Road in the Bethany Farms section of Bethany and the town’s Carrington Preserve.  

Land Trust ownership means that the existing wildlife corridor and natural habitat of many species will be protected in perpetuity.  As this is in an area of rich history, both colonial and indigenous, it means that any historic features will be protected from development.

A Whispering Pines Stream

“This is a wonderful gift to wildlife and to those who will enjoy a walk in the woods,” said Linda Francois, Land Trust president. “It is so important to save our vanishing natural areas before it’s too late.”

The Land Trust field crew will mark the boundaries, establish trails and hopes to open up a trail for the public to enjoy by late spring. 

The Whispering Pines gift is the latest in a series of land preservation activities of the Land Trust over the past several years. In 2016, the 36.4-acre Woodward Nature Preserve was received as a subdivision set aside followed by the purchases of the 25.2-acre Grobe Preserve in 2018 and the 6.9-acre Van Epps Preserve in 2020. Last year, the Land Trust entered into an agreement with Connecticut Water to purchase 19.7 acres on the Bethany-Naugatuck border that will become the Three Sisters Preserve. Funds received from grants and generous donors have made purchases at bargain sale prices a reality.  The current protected acreage is 403 acres owned outright and 200 acres in conservation easements.

“The Land Trust is working on several exciting land preservation projects.  The support of our generous donors make these possible.  We hope you will help!” explains Peter Simon, Land Trust treasurer.

The Bethany Land Trust, Inc. is a private, charitable, non-profit corporation dedicated to preserving our natural lands. To make a tax-deductible donation to the Land Trust please visit:

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