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Rotary Donates Thesauruses to Third Graders

May 4, 2023
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Rotary Donates Thesauruses to Third Graders
Woodbridge Rotarians recently delivered thesauruses to Beecher Road School as a gift for third graders. Shown (from left) are teacher Aimee Meacham, Rotarians Karen Bellamy, Buddy DeGennaro and Anna Dickerson, and teachers John Hutchinson, Mary Vincitorio, Nina Triplett and Visna Ngov.

The Woodbridge Rotary Club recently donated a thesaurus to 125 third graders at Beecher Road School.  In the past, the Club donated dictionaries, but this year Beecher Road School requested a change to a thesaurus instead.  Three Rotarians delivered the books and chatted with the students about Rotary and about the meaning of a thesaurus.

It may have come as a surprise to some of the students to find out that a thesaurus is not a new species of dinosaurs, even though they found a list of 792 dinosaurs at the back of the book!  Instead, they learned how a thesaurus can help them find other words with similar meanings.

Teacher Aimee Meacham shared some of the students’ reactions to receiving the book.  At least one of the students was excited about the dinosaur cover.  “I really liked the dinosaur cover and how there were all the dinosaur facts on the back.”

Another student enjoyed discovering how they can swap a more succinct word for another.  “It was so exciting to get a new book.  We used it right away in my class to find better ways to say the word ‘said.’  It helped a lot.”

“I like how we get to bring the thesaurus home at the end of the year.  They said we could keep it forever.”

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