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The First Church of Christ, Woodbridge for May 2023

July 4, 2024
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The First Church of Christ welcomes you to our Worship Service every Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. in the Meetinghouse.  Kid’s Church every Sunday morning at 10:10.

Interim Minister

The Rev. Susan Murtha is the Interim Minister at FCCW and has made quite an impact.  Plan a visit to see what is “happening.”  You can also read about her on our website.

Kid’s Church has begun again at First Church!

Families meet at the church at 10:00 and at 10:10 the children are walked over to the Parish House for Kid’s Church by Forest Vandeflor, our project leader for children’s ministries, along with an adult volunteer.  This is a great time for the children while their parents are at the worship service!

Weekly Bible Study

Bible Study meets at the Parish House each Wednesday, 11 am.  All are invited!

Boy Scout Troop 907

Troop 907 has been very active in the last month, and will continue to be, from sales to campouts, and much more.

On March 16th the troop planned for the West Point campout, making sure the menus are how they should, be, and finding the proper gear that they will need for the campout.  There were also checks to make sure that bags for West Point are properly packed, as this is a backpacking trip, and gear packing is very important.  And on March 23rd the troop made final gear pulls and plans for the upcoming campout, including the shopping list organization, and gear checks.  After this, we go shopping for our food, which takes longer than wanted and prepare for the weather ahead of us.

March 24-26th:  On this less than pleasant weekend, the troop traveled to the local North Haven Camp Wa-Wa-Taysee.  The troop boiled tree sap into pure, maple syrup, which was all taken straight from the camp maple trees and divided between the troop and camp.  Scouts performed a service project and after all of the hard work, the boys played a strategic game of capture the flag through the relentless rain.  Even though the poor weather was a challenge, the campout was a success.

On April 2nd the scouts planning on going to West Point took a moderate hike from Lake Wintergreen in Hamden to the Darling House near Camp Whiting in Woodbridge.  This was key to making sure that everyone could handle the long trip that West Point will give the scouts.  Everyone was able to complete the hike, and they are on track for West Point.

On April 6th the meeting was focused on continuing to organize the scout room and preparing for our Flower Sale by making phone calls to our recent customers.  This was a simple meeting, but effective.

For the month of April, our Flower Sale has continued.  Thanks to all who supported the sole fundraiser, which is entirely scout-led.  The dates were every Saturday from the 8th to the 30th in April at the old firehouse on Center Road.  Looking ahead, scouts and scout leaders will be assisting First Church with the annual Strawberry Festival on June 9.  As always, there is more info on our troop website, at

Best wishes,

Rich Forselius

Committee Chair/Chartered Organization Representative    

Upcoming Events

Farm Petting Zoo for Mother’s Day

Sunday, May 14 – 1:00 -2 :30 p.m.

All are welcome for this family event on the lawn of the Parish House.  There will be baby goats, bunnies, llamas, donkeys, sheep and more.  Also enjoy the live family music by Rashele and Mother’s Day & animal crafts by Forest.

Classical Music Concert in The Afternoon

Featuring Trio Ondata, a New Haven-based classical ensemble, on Saturday, May 20th at 4:00 p.m. at the First Church of Christ, 5 Meetinghouse Lane, Woodbridge.  Reception to follow.  There will be a free will offering.  For more information, please contact (203)389-2119.

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Strawberry Festival

The 66th annual Strawberry Festival on the First Church Green is scheduled for Friday, June 9th from 5:30-7:30 pm rain or shine!  With the help of Boy Scout Troop 907, the grills will be going for dinner selections (hot dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers and veggie burgers) and our strawberry shortcakes will be homemade and delicious!  Come join us for an evening of good food, music and fellowship.

Zoom Option

The option to attend Sunday Service via Zoom continues to be available.  To receive an invite, please email the office or log onto our website and add your name to our church email list.  All people in the community are welcome in person or via Zoom.

Office Hours

The Church office in the Parish House is open from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Join the FCCW Choir!

New members are always welcome.  Join us for rehearsals each Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.

Pre-School Space Is Available

Pre-school/day care space is available in the Parish House at 5 Meetinghouse Lane.  Three rooms, 1,200 sq. ft., and an outside fenced playground.

5 Meetinghouse Lane, Woodbridge, CT 06525

Phone: 203-389-2119 




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