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Woodbridge Robotics

March 9, 2023
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Woodbridge Robotics

Woodbridge has amazing talent when it comes to Robotics.  This year, three teams from our town participated in the First Lego League Robotics competition: the Speedy Snakes, Backyard Bees and Brick Rollers.

First Lego League is a competition through FIRST Robotics for grades 4-8.  It consists of Robot Performance, Robot Design, an Innovation Project and Core Values.  This year’s challenge is named “Super Powered” and centered around clean energy solutions.

At our regional competition, the Speedy Snakes received the awards for Innovation Project and achieved the high score in Robot Performance.  The Backyard Bees received the Teamwork Award.  For their Innovation Project the Speedy Snakes designed a modified speed bump called a “Speed Table” that can generate electricity when cars drive over it.  To achieve top score in Robot Games they built a robot using Lego Spike Prime with interchangeable attachments to solve the different challenges on the board, and coded programs to operate the attachments.  They also used sensors like the Light and Gyro sensor.  Both the Speedy Snakes and Backyard Bees advanced to State Championship.  The Brick Rollers is our youngest team and we are excited to see what their team members will accomplish in future competitions.  They entertained all with their “Brick Rolling” video.

The State Championship was held on December 10 in Glastonbury.  The Speedy Snakes received second place in the State Champions Award.

Not only do kids learn about science, coding, engineering and Robotics, but Core Values forms an important part of the FIRST competition.  The Core Values are Discovery, Innovation, Impact, Inclusion, Teamwork and Fun.

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