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Amity Physical Therapy Partners with Amity Pop Warner Football with New Concussion Program

August 31, 2023
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Amity Physical Therapy has recently teamed up with the Amity Pop Warner football and cheerleading teams to launch a new comprehensive concussion program.

Michael Dow MSPT and CEO/Clinical Director of Amity Physical Therapy commented, “A few years ago, I had the opportunity to be an assistant coach on my son’s football team for two years.  Although there is an increased awareness and education for safety and preventing head injury, I noticed that there were some gaps in communication and coordination of medical management when post-injury concussions occur.  There was also no clear screening for pre-injury baseline levels for these kids.

“When someone got hurt in practice or during a game, many people could identify the potential signs of concussion – but there was no concrete plan for the athlete or parents to follow.  The parents were instructed to see their medical providers – and that’s where the communication ended.  The athlete then needed to be cleared to return, oftentimes taking many weeks as well as not receiving treatment that could expedite recovery.  After seeing it firsthand on the sidelines, I felt we could do better.

“Prior to the season, Amity PT will work with approximately 125 Pop Warner athletes between 5 and 13 years of age and conduct a complimentary pre-injury screen, which includes a baseline ImPact test (an FDA approved computerized testing that will help assess cognitive things like memory recall, reaction time, and coordinated eye movement).  This data will be saved and compared to retests post injury, should they occur.  The free baseline ImPact test is good for an entire year, and good across all sports.

“Upon any injury, Amity PT will assign the athlete to its in-house concussion coordinator.  The coordinator will be in charge of assisting all logistics of medical visits, as well as evaluation and treatment from our concussion certified physical therapists within our five greater New Haven County locations.  Examinations for cervical spine, vestibular system, and visual systems will be combined with repeat ImPact tests, as well as the physical exertion return to play testing.  The coordinator will continue to be an integral part to ensure the most efficient, safe, and comprehensive return.”

Dow concluded, “The key to ensure safe, effective, and efficient management is to provide quick access to quantitative medical personnel, and minimize the wait lag time to getting treatment.  By tackling this problem directly, we will be helping a lot of kids, parents, and ensure quality and safe return to play.  My staff and I are all excited to be a part of this process”

Michael Dow MSPT, and CEO/Clinical Director of Amity Physical Therapy, founded the practice 19 years ago, and now has five offices in Woodbridge, Hamden, Branford, Milford and Wallingford.   He received his degree from Sacred Heart University and is recognized by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for his work with the national Multiple Sclerosis Society.  He works with patients of all ages, pediatrics to geriatrics, as well as local high school and college athletes.  Michael can be reached at 203-389-4593 or visit

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