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Garden Marvels: Tovah Martin's Terrariums, Eco-Friendly Designs, and Holiday Delights

February 2, 2024
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Garden Marvels: Tovah Martin's Terrariums, Eco-Friendly Designs, and Holiday Delights
Tovah Martin creating a terrarium at Garden Club meeting

On October 3, the Garden Club of Woodbridge hosted the Garden Club of Orange.  Members of both clubs were excited to meet guest speaker, Tovah Martin.  Tovah’s presentation, “Terrariums and You,” showcased terrariums she had made.  She generated several terrariums for the audience using her favorite components: Coast of Maine organic and natural potting soil, Hoffman horticultural charcoal, and Pearl Stone soil cover.   She specified that all terrariums should have glass covers, and should be examined every ten days to ascertain the amount of water inside so humidity is produced.  A raffle took place for Tovah’s extraordinary terrariums.

The November 8 meeting revolved around an artistic design workshop: “The Magic of Foraged Materials.”  Novel designs were conceived by members with materials they obtained from their backyards, fields and roadsides.  Members were given alternatives to using oasis as a floral arrangement anchor, by being introduced to more environmentally-friendly options.

The Osborne Homestead Museum in Derby had its annual holiday tour from November 24 to December 16. Every year several garden clubs participate in decorating the Homestead’s many rooms for the tour based on a theme. The Garden Club of Woodbridge decorated the library to reflect the Osborne family’s visits to Washington, DC and the theme, “Holiday in the City.”

A December 5 holiday party took place at a member’s beautiful home.  After a scrumptious luncheon, members were introduced to “sea creature” pins created with plant material by club members.

The January 2 meeting spotlighted “Connecticut Gardens: A Celebration of the State’s Historic, Public and Private Gardens.”  Caryn B. Davis, an award-winning photographer, journalist and best-selling author, who specializes in architectural, garden and travel photography, presented the numerous gardens she has photographed.  

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