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Howard Rohloff Celebrates 103rd Birthday

April 6, 2023
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Howard Rohloff Celebrates 103rd Birthday

On March 20th, at Coachman Square in Woodbridge, longtime North Haven police commission and 60+ year North Haven resident, Howard Rohloff, celebrated 103 years surrounded by many politicians, friends and family!  Rohloff spent a lifetime serving his country and community before he moved to Coachman Square.

After graduating with a degree in electrical engineering, he served in both the Army and the Air Force during WWII.  He specialized in radar and became the only person assigned to radar at any one time.  His military career would take him all over the country and the world.  While managing a radar post in Louisiana, he was able to compress his unit into the size of a 2½ ton truck so he could easily bring the technology to military bases across the country.  For months, he even slept on a tugboat 13 miles south of the equator when his job was delivering rations between Panama City and the Galapagos Islands.

When he returned from the War, he served as the North Haven Police Commissioner for many years as well as a Scoutmaster.

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