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Letter: A Few Thoughts About Candidate Dan Del Prete

September 28, 2023
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Hello fellow Amity and Beecher friends.  My name is Nell D’Andrea.  Some of you may know me because of my three wonderful boys that have gone/are going through the Beecher Road and Amity School System, or maybe from the many sports they all play, or even where I work.  But I am here to speak about my colleague and friend Dan Del Prete.  He is currently running for the Amity Board of Ed and I just wanted to share a few thoughts about my good friend.

I have known Dan for over eight long years now.  I became friends with Dan and his wife while cheering on our children at the Beth-Wood baseball games.  We were always moving in the same directions but he never seemed to be stressed by it all.  I could count on him and his family to help with the logistical chaos of needed rides and being there to watch and support my kids as well as his.

He is a parent for whom I have the utmost respect for the involvement Dan puts in. I have watched his children go out on the Amity track and cheer on each other at races saying “Keep going, you can make it!”  Not all siblings have this bond and it really is heartwarming to see; this obviously is something they learned and internalized from their parents – family supports one another.  I mention this because I believe that this support and example of care and love comes from home.  It comes from the solid examples at home.  This fantastic gaggle of Del Pretes would travel everywhere in their bus-like vehicle.  The support from Mom and Dad never faltered and doesn’t to this day.  The more kids he had, the more involved he became.

He is a level-headed, involved parent who just wants to make sure the future of Amity is successful.  He would be a perfect Board of Education member and I hope you’ll join me in voting for Dan this fall.

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