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Letter: Amity High School Outstanding

October 26, 2023
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It perplexes me why recent opinion articles and advertisements by the Republican candidates have bashed Amity Regional High School.  As a parent of a current student, I can attest that the school is outstanding.  There has not been a cut back in AP or honors classes offered and the school has only improved under the direction of our new Principal Mr. Andre Hauser and our Superintendent Dr Jennifer Byers.  Our school is more than just the US News ranking.  It has a dedicated Guidance team and so many exceptional teachers and coaches.  We have top flight Art and Theater Departments.  Unfortunately, the school had to cut an Art teacher this year and we have not seen the support for the reasonable funding requests the past few years for those who have complained about the school.  Amity and Beecher Schools in Woodbridge are the main reason why my family moved here.  We must continue to be supportive and appreciative of how great our schools are.

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