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Letter: Amity Parents Express Gratitude

October 26, 2023
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As parents of Amity students, we are writing to express our gratitude to Sudhir Karunakaran and Patrick Reed for their dedication to our children and educators and for their effectiveness on the Amity Board of Education.  We value Amity’s rigorous curriculum that prepares our children for top colleges and universities.

Sudhir supports Amity’s academic excellence and reminds us that Amity has excelled as measured by state assessment and standardized tests.  We have benefited from his professional expertise in data science as he explains the fallacies of the negative narratives being pushed about Amity.

Patrick’s background as a school psychologist enables him to support Amity’s strengths, while identifying areas where student needs could be better met.  He has worked to assure appropriate supports for teachers and staff and opportunities for all children to succeed.

In stark contrast, we are dismayed by the Republican candidates’ misleading information and negative commentary about Amity.  It undermines our schools, our teachers and the education of our children.  Their goals of policing the curriculum to fit their agenda and restricting access to books celebrating diversity in the school library are all too reminiscent of the language of the far-right Moms for Liberty, a national far-right group making its presence felt in Connecticut.

We have the responsibility and the opportunity to take a firm stand for continued excellence at Amity.  Please join us to re-elect Sudhir Karunakaran and Patrick Reed to the Amity Board of Education.

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