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Letter: Elect Steve Munno

October 26, 2023
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We have known Steve Munno through his steadfast dedication to our unique community farm for nearly 15 years.

Massaro Farm is a Woodbridge treasure, and we owe its success in very large part to the skill and leadership of Steve Munno.  As the Farm Director of Massaro Farm since its inception in 2009, Steve has been a tireless steward of the land and an inspiration to the many young farmers he is helping to educate and train.  His hard work and community building is well-known.

Steve is a careful listener and is skillful at finding common ground.  He has been a statewide leader in farming and agricultural organizations.  Moreover, he has been instrumental in making Massaro Farm an important part of what makes Woodbridge the terrific town that it is.

We are grateful that Steve agreed to bring his intellect, skill, and dedication to the Town level and we urge our fellow Woodbridge voters to elect Steve Munno on November 7th.

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