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Letter: “Farmer Steve” Munno for Board of Selectmen

October 26, 2023
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Letter: “Farmer Steve” Munno for Board of Selectmen

I whole heartedly endorse “Farmer Steve” Munno for a position on the Board of Selectmen.  Steve is one of the most energetic, smart, and hard-working Woodbridge citizens whom I know.  As the original development director of Massaro Community Farm, I witnessed, firsthand the truly miraculous job Steve did to jump start the rejuvenation of this abandoned 57-acre parcel.

Steve’s leadership experience extends beyond Woodbridge.  He served as Board President of the Connecticut Northeast Organic Farming Association (CT NOFA) from 2018-2023.  I’m confident Steve will help devise workable solutions for addressing the re-use of the Woodbridge Country Club, maintaining our great schools and fostering civil, bi-partisan public conversations.  Steve currently serves as both the Executive Director and Farm Director at Massaro. He lives in the community with his wife and two children, and his school-age daughter attends Beecher Road School.

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