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Letter: Halprin Will Give Us His Very Best

October 26, 2023
Time to read:

I’m writing to support Marty Halprin for First Selectman.  I have known Marty for over 16 years.

I have worked with and seen Marty in business settings and have gained a deep respect for him.  He is a fair-minded, clear-thinking professional who respects people and provides leadership without a heavy hand.  He is someone I trust to act fairly, and never shy away from asking the tough questions.

Marty will hit the ground running, ready to go on day one given his extensive involvement with the town he was born and raised in.  He understands and deeply cares about the town’s needs.

He will give us his very best without using “politics” as a crutch or hindrance.  As a long-time unaffiliated voter, he will be inclusive, determined, and forthright.  He will bring forth a new era of bipartisanship.

Marty Halprin will be an excellent First Selectman!

This is an opinion not necessarily endorsed by the Woodbridge Town News.

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