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Letter: Marty Halprin Will Deliver Results

October 26, 2023
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Letter: Marty Halprin Will Deliver Results

First Selectman candidate Mica Cardoza has listed several good ideas for Woodbridge in his campaign literature.  My question is:  why didn’t he deliver – or at least actively push for any of those ideas - during the four years he was Deputy First Selectman?  He has been using his prior position to promote his candidacy, but when he had the job, he delivered none of the initiatives he now promotes.

We needed nearly everything he is now promoting during the years he was in office as Deputy First Selectman.  He had his chance to deliver and simply didn’t.  I fear these good ideas will remain just ideas if he gets another bite at the apple.  I think Woodbridge needs fresh leadership.  Marty Halprin is the man for the job; he will champion key initiatives and I’m confident he will actually deliver.  Please join me in voting for Marty for First Selectman.

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