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Letter: Mica Cardozo – A Man of the Highest Integrity

October 26, 2023
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Letter: Mica Cardozo – A Man of the Highest Integrity

As all who know or have met Mica Cardozo are aware, he is a man of the highest integrity.  When Mica tells you who he is, what he stands for and what he will do as First Selectman, you can go to the bank on it.  I worked closely with Mica in his role on the Board of Selectmen to address various Town projects and I can personally attest to this ability to get things done by listening to all voices and bringing people together.  He is an extraordinary man and we will be fortunate to have Mica lead our Town as First Selectman.

I cannot help but contrast Mica with his Republican opponent who has not been as forthright and transparent as one might hope.  First, he claims objectivity by being an unaffiliated candidate, suggesting no connection with MAGA and Trump.  Yet he publicly touted his Trump vote in 2016, and he reluctantly admitted to persistent questions from Woodbridge voters that he voted for Trump again in 2020.

Second, he refuses to engage in a public forum with Mica.  An Amity High School student club worked diligently to have the two candidates speak before Woodbridge students and voters.  After first agreeing, the Republicans changed their mind, leaving the students with no way to officially notify the public.  Mica stood outside the High School at the appointed time and talked with voters who arrived.  Woodbridge voters deserve to know their candidates in a comparative public forum.

Mica’s experience in Town, his business background and his highest standards of honesty and integrity will make him an extraordinary First Selectman.

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