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Letter: Mica Cardozo for First Selectman

October 26, 2023
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I’m writing to express my support of Mica Cardozo for First Selectman.  My family has known the Cardozo’s since our children met nearly 20 years ago.  Mica is one of the most sincere, open-minded, and pragmatic people I know.  I can think of no one better suited to lead our town.  Not only does Mica have extensive experience in town government, but he also genuinely has the best interests of the Town of Woodbridge at heart.  Throughout many years of friendship, Mica has demonstrated the admirable ability to truly listen and consider issues from varying viewpoints.  He delivers his own opinions thoughtfully and respectfully.  This is the kind of thinker and leader I would like to see more of in government today.  In these times of profoundly divisive politics, you will always find Mica on the ‘high road,’ seeking to build consensus and cooperation even in the most difficult situations.  He is forthright in his beliefs and makes informed decisions with intellect and common sense.  Mica Cardozo is a leader who will bring our community together and act upon our shared vision for Woodbridge.  His personal attributes, as well as his extensive experience and collaborative nature, make him uniquely qualified to be a successful leader for our community.  Please consider Mica Cardozo for First Selectman.

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