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Letter: Protecting Our Schools, Students & Educators

September 28, 2023
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Letter: Protecting Our Schools, Students & Educators

I am writing to express my deep concern regarding the recent political discourse in our community, specifically concerning our school system, students, and educators.  It is disheartening to witness our Republican candidates resorting to divisive tactics, misinformation, and fearmongering in their efforts to gain support, rather than focusing on the well-being and progress of our schools.  I moved my family to Woodbridge in 1994 for my children to have the opportunity to attend the Amity School System.  I now have grandchildren at Beecher.  To watch a political party actively working to undermine our educators, control our curriculums, and hold our budgets hostage is something I would never have imagined happening in our Town in the 30 years I’ve lived here.

In a letter sent to the Amity BOE in November 2022, they write “School boards seek to conceal from the public their efforts to infiltrate DEI/CRT pedagogy into school curricula, then seek to marginalize and stifle those in opposition.”  This letter was signed by Republican BOE Candidate Daniel Del Prete.  The WRTC’s Facebook page shared a message in May this year that starts with “The Amity administration and the board won’t tell you what DEI truly stands for or admit that it’s a racist Marxist-based ideology that they are using to indoctrinate our children.”  These sentiments are not only misleading but also harmful to our community's unity and the educational journey of our children.  It is essential to recognize that DEI is not a sinister ideology but a commitment to creating an inclusive and equitable environment for all students, regardless of their background.  By promoting diversity, fostering equity, and celebrating inclusion, our schools aim to provide a nurturing space where every student feels valued and has an equal opportunity to succeed.  DEI is a vital component of ensuring that our educational institutions prepare our students for a diverse and ever-changing world.  It was deeply troubling to witness an entire campaign to vote down the budget last year as a protest against DEI.

Our schools rely on these budgets to provide quality education to our children and support our dedicated educators.  Hindering these efforts only jeopardizes the future of our students and the success of our schools.  As responsible and informed citizens, we must recognize the importance of protecting our school system, students, and educators and to support candidates and parties that prioritize the betterment of our educational institutions rather than seeking to weaken them for political gain.  I urge our community to choose a path that strengthens our schools and fosters a positive learning environment for our children.  We must support the values of our Town and reject divisive rhetoric that threatens the hard work of our educators and the future of our students.  I hope you will join me in voting for our Democratic BOE Candidates on November 7th.

This is an opinion not necessarily endorsed by the Woodbridge Town News.

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