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Letter: Transparence Builds Trust

November 16, 2023
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Letter: Transparence Builds Trust

Democracy is Fortified Through Accessible, Reliable Information.  I am writing to commend the election coverage provided by the WTN and underscore the crucial role played by voter guides in empowering voters with essential information about candidates and their positions on key issues.  Voters were able to read first-hand what candidates believed and what they stood for, not only through this newspaper, but also from the questionnaires provided by Amity Allies, The League of Women Voters, and the local Connecticut Education Association chapter.  A well-educated and informed electorate is essential in a democracy.  These voter guides provided an opportunity for voters to hear from the candidates in their own voices and enabled voters to make informed decisions aligned with their values.  Transparency builds trust between candidates and voters, reinforcing the concept of accountability in elected representatives.  Looking forward, ongoing efforts to enhance the accessibility of voter guides are crucial.  Embracing technology and innovative presentation methods can further empower voters, ensuring that our democracy remains vibrant, informed, and responsive to the needs of all citizens.

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