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Letter: Vote for Andrea Urbano for the Board of Selectmen

October 26, 2023
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I have known Andrea Urbano, a candidate for the Board of Selectmen, for her entire life.  Born and raised in Woodbridge, she has been an engaged member of the community since her youth and is well suited to address Woodbridge’s needs as a Board of Selectmen member.  After graduating from the Beecher and Amity school system, she left Connecticut and attained her BS in Environmental Conservation and Political Science and her MS in Carbon Forestry.  Andrea did not settle here for the school system like so many other residents, but in fact, is a product of it.  She works as a supervisor at CT’s Dept. of Energy and Environmental Protection’s Forestry Division where she is tasked with developing, implementing, and overseeing programs that benefit private and municipal woodland owners statewide.  She remains in the Town she loves to raise her family, with both daughters currently attending Beecher.  Andrea grew up experiencing firsthand the evolution of issues that have arisen in Woodbridge over the past thirty or so years.  She is an active, involved citizen.  She is a founding member and serves as the Vice Chair of Woodbridge’s Agriculture Commission and serves as board member on the Woodbridge Park Association.  It is at the Park Association meetings that I have witnessed Andrea’s clarity of thought, youthful energy, insight, and knowledge.  She listens, she thinks, and is not bound to partisan politics or positions.  She is a natural leader and will foster the change Woodbridge so desperately needs.  Please consider supporting Andrea Urbano, a woman born, raised, and remaining in Woodbridge.  She is better for Woodbridge and better for you.

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