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Letter: Vote Row B

October 26, 2023
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Letter: Vote Row B

Drive by the Town Line Farm on Baldwin Road and you can’t help but be quieted by the magnificent pastoral scene.  The farm was recently threatened by intensive development.  Ellen Scalletar, then First Selectman and now Democratic Town Committee Chairman met with town residents who sought her help to save it.  Scalletar flatly refused.

Undaunted, those residents worked with the farm owners, the Land Trust, the Connecticut Farmland Trust, and the Connecticut Department of Agriculture to protect the 85 acres.  Now the farm will be a source of food and peace for the community forever.

Drive by the golf course (I live a short walk from it).  That same administration is trying to force housing on the property.  Imagine it intensively developed.  Housing will increase taxes, traffic, and noise, strain the school system, and degrade the town’s quality of life.  Or it can continue to be a peaceful haven for wildlife and people.

To save it we must change the administration, whose agenda is driven by Hartford and Washington DC ideologues, instead of by We the People.  Vote local.  VOTE ROW B.

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